Thoughts to Ponder

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'What are you all about?'

"What are you all about?" is a great question to receive because it opens the door for an explanation and that was the case with many of those who came to the Mission to Seafarers exhibit at Mission Fest, an annual event held in Vancouver,BC focusing on the many opportunities to serve , to be the good news as... Read More

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Memories to grow by

As we step into 2018 it’s a time for new beginnings and this time my new year comes with a new job in a new country! I’m officially moving to London, England to work with Mission to Seafarers and Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rest as their Chaplaincy Assistant at the Port of Tilbury. I’ll continue to use the skills I... Read More

Far from Family

Christmas time reminds us of the love of parents for a child, that beloved child being Jesus and the parents Mary and Joseph. They as good parents did all they could to protect Jesus as he came into the world through the love of God for us all and the strength and devotion of Mary. Christmas ought to be, but sadly... Read More

What lies within

Behind everything we do lies a motive for doing it. We work to earn an income to pay the bills, provide for our families and have a quality of life. Seafarers know this only too well which is why they are at sea  and as a result spend months away from their family. I often comment to seafarers that it is a real... Read More

On Beignets and Bibles

If you told me a year ago that I’d be in sitting in a diner in New Orleans discussing ship ministry over beers with two deacons and a Catholic priest I’d have told you to take a hike. This was, however, an actual thing that happened to me last week. And that’s not the only strange thing that has occurred over the... Read More

Ship Visiting 101

As of this week I’ve officially finished my “Ship Welfare Visitor Course”. I’ve sent away to London to the Merchant Navy Welfare Board for my badge and I’ll soon be a certified ship visitor. Initially when I heard there was an entire course just on ship visiting I was a little shocked. I mean, how difficult can it... Read More

Ship Shape

An Anglican priest, a Catholic deacon, and a Christian Reformed Minister walk into a room… no, this isn’t the start to a cheesy joke, but rather a typical Monday morning meeting at the Port of Vancouver Seafarers’ Centre. The port chaplains in Vancouver come from different religious backgrounds, but collaborate... Read More

‘thank you’ how will you do it?

As a child my parents taught me the importance of saying “thank you” a way to acknowledge the kindness, the service given by another. I recall after a birthday I would sit down and write letters of thanks for the gifts I had received. Now while the way we say thank you may have changed, in that we send an email,... Read More

The Gift

To be honest, I was in another world. My thoughts and emotions were light years away. To say I was conscious of my surroundings would have been stretching the truth. Yet, it was in that nebulous moment, of being neither “hither nor yon,” that my mind picked up a snapshot of life. It was a group of people somewhere... Read More