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A number of times in the life of Jesus there is a boat.

The call of the disciples Simon Peter and brother Andrew, when the disciples were with Jesus on the lake and the storm blew in, when the disciples were trying to catch fish, in the resurrection appearance when Jesus invited the disciples to join him for breakfast on the lake shore.

So where is the boat in the nativity?

There is of course no physical boat but;

it was a stormy time for Mary and Joseph , they were 'at sea' trying to find a place to rest and Mary give birth, as well as avoid the clutches of King Herod.

A boat undertakes a journey and going on a journey certainly came into the nativity story with the shepherd's traveling to behold that which had been told to them by the angels and also the wisemen coming from the east following the star, the latter being an early means of navigation.

It would seem that the boat and journeying are a means to an encounter with God.

In all the places and people you will journey to this Christmas such as getting the gifts, putting up the decorations, visiting with family, will you make room to journey to  behold the gift of God's love in Jesus 'Emmanuel ' God with us'? 

It could very well be the start of a whole new journey in your life!








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