Finally, this year we can all ride together at the

2022 Cycling for Seafarers


    Saturday, August 27th
            BBQ to follow

This will be the traditional event with three distances to choose from as well as the traditional BBQ and social mixer afterwards. Click on the ROUTES & INFO page for more details and route downloads.


Help raise funds for the Mission to Seafarers', a charitable organization that looks after seafarer welfare by providing spiritual guidance, vital supplies and a voice of comfort to our visiting seafarers in the Port of Vancouver. Seafarers have been essential in keeping goods and critical supplies moving globally during the COVID-19 pandemic and have made some extraordinary sacrifices. The Mission has adapted to new ways of supporting the seafarers. However, there is more that we can do as a community to support the seafarers, such as providing internet access, novelties, and care packages to the seafarers that have endured extended periods of time away from their loved ones onboard ships to keep goods moving while preventing the spread of COVID-19.


To participate the following steps are required:

1. Complete the Registration Form by clicking on the Register & Donate tab*
2. Join the fundraising effort by selecting the Registration button and enter your information
3. Donate to your own ride or another ride

Let’s keep some of the fun stuff we did during the past year. In the summer months leading up to this year’s event we are encouraging folks to continue riding in smaller groups or individually.You might try setting a goal and tracking your rides on the Mission’s Strava app - Mission to Seafarers Club, It might be fun to create teams and fundraise between now and August 27th.There is a trophy for the team that raises the most money for the Mission. You can even share your cycling experiences by posting pictures of your rides on our Strava Club or Facebook at mission2seafarers or on Twitter @MtSVancouverusing using the hashtag #FairFuture4Seafarers and #MTS2021Cycle. Any way you slice it cycling is a lot of fun and a great way to get some exercise in during the summer. To finish off the summer join us for this year’s Cycling for Seafarers event on August 27th for some great cycling and a wind-up BBQ at the end. Who knows, you might even win one of the fabulous mystery prizes presented at the event.



40km starts at 9am NOTE changes to route on PDF re Arbutus corridor section.


60km starts at 8am


100km starts at 7am


Due to Port work and so limited parking at the Mission you are encouraged to park at TYMAC LAUNCH beside the Main St bridge. Thanks goes to Tymac for allowing us to do so. Please do not obstruct any of the Tymac equipment. Thank you.