Cycle for Seafarers June 25th - August 29th 2020

Information for Participants

This year's Cycling for Seafarers event will not be like our previous events as due to the global pandemic we will not be gathering together at the Seafarers Centre on Waterfront for a one-day event.

Instead with a launch date of Thursday, 25th June in recognition of the 'International Day of the Seafarers' we are encouraging you to join our summer cycling event in recognition of seafarers register and help us raise funds towards our efforts in supporting the visiting seafarers.  Sign up and fundraise and use your favourite social media site to promote our work and remind others that seafarers are often the forgotten front line workers by using #seafarersarekeyworkers in your posts.  

To participate you can set a goal and cycle;

  • on suggested routes which will be available to you for free with the use of 'Ride with GPS' 
  • anywhere in your area.
  • to find and photograph yourself at posters located at sites throughout the lower mainland which will also be listed here.
  • on your exercise bike at home
  • even in the garden

You will be able to track your progress using the free version of the Strava app and joining the Mission to Seafarers Club in Strava (more details on how to join to follow).  

The conclusion of the cycle will be Saturday August 29th when the cycle was to have been held.

We are looking at having some fun prizes for certain categories but there will be more to follow on this as with the other details mentioned above in the coming weeks.

We really want people to have fun while cycling but to do so safely following our provincial health guidelines and rules of the road, and in doing so help raise the profile of the essential workers that seafarers are and the standard of shore based facilities for them provided by the Mission to Seafarers in the Port of Vancouver.

Click on the following link to register and/or donate:


Go to the download below for a 'Guide for Participants'