Waterfront Centre - Monday-Sunday 1500-21:00pm
Roberts Bank Centre-  Daily 16:00-20:30pm (Saturday 19:00-22:30pm)

(also 24 hour Wi-Fi room at the Roberts Bank centre with  separate entrance)

Opening times may change and we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Package Delivery and Personal Shopping Guidelines

 Package Delivery

Packages that seafarers order can be delivered to the Waterfront Seafarers Centre.

Please use the following mailing address;

(Seafarers name)

c/o The Mission to Seafarers

401 East Waterfront Road


V6A 4G9

Before you order from a Canadian supplier such as Best,, please;

  • Give enough time for the package to arrive at the Seafarers centre before you(ship) do.
  • Contact us to make sure someone will be at the centre to receive your package and if so, provide your name, ship name and if possible, berth and arrival date.

Note: We are unable to deliver packages on Sundays.

Personal Shopping

 The Centre may be able to pick up, pre pay for items for you from Best Buy etc. (If you have a credit card  we encourage you to pay when ordering)

     Please give us at least 3- 5 days' notice before you arrive in port otherwise it may not be possible.

  • Provide us with as much detail as possible of the product such as model, size, colour, price, pictures, quantity.
  • If the item is not available, then we will not purchase an alternative unless instructed by you to do so with again details of the product.
  • Once received the item can’t be returned or refused unless clearly defective.
  • Money for the items bought must be paid onboard.
  • The Mission reserves the right to say no with apologies due to workload, schedule, cash flow etc.

NOTE: We can't purchase alcohol,cigarettes or plants due to custom and licensing regulations or medication due to safety and liability issues.

These services are free to seafarers.


WhatsApp 1 604 992 9867 Chaplain Peter


A Chaplain when they visit the ship.


As of December 13th, 2023