Vancouver Waterfront

Vancouver Waterfront

401 East Waterfront Road, Vancouver, BC,V6A 4G9

  • Free Wi-fi
  • Transportation/'service' to Mission from ship. (20min walk to downtown from there) Call centre at 604 253 4421 - runs when drivers are available.
  • chapel -bibles and other Christian literature
  • pool table
  • used clothing
  • new 'Canadian' clothing -jackets, T-Shirts,caps
  • shop for snacks - chips, cookies
  • souvenirs (keychains, magnets, post cards etc.) and toiletries
  • money transfers to the Philippines
  • 65 inch TV - sports, news and more
  • phone cards  (no SIM cards as the cost at present in Canada isn't a good deal for seafarers. )
  • free new magazines and used books
  • A worship service such as Mass/Communion or prayers can be held either at the Mission or on board ship when requested with the captain's permission (call us to request)
  • Chaplains visit ships and are available to support the crew
  • Friendly staff and volunteers are here to welcome you!


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New mini-van for the Waterfront Centre

Recognizing the importance of servicing the needs of seafarers who come to our shores on ships we have recently purchased a Toyota Sienna mini-van which seats 7, to transport seafarers from their ship to and from... Read More