Packaging and Shopping guidelines please read by clicking the link below;!Aiiyz7pbsUSxw1lP_gCcjYdOCAWC

We have a range of items for sale in US dollars

  • Canadian souvenirs (magnets, keychains, post cards etc.) and clothing (hoodies, t-shirts, caps)
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, shaving cream etc.)
  • Snacks (cookies, chips, chocolate, pop etc.)

Step 1 Click on the link  below and decide what you want

Step 2 One person onboard contact us with your order and or questions.

Step 3 We will make sure we have the items and confirm with you including the total cost.

Step 4 The items will be brought to the gangway so please have the cash ready.

Click on the link below for items and prices;!Aiiyz7pbsUSxj09_qBFRojY4pJKn

NOTE- We can't buy cigarettes, alcohol or plants because of custom and licensing regulations.