Cycle for Seafarer 2019 Route maps

All routes start and end at the Mission to Seafarers Centre 401 East Waterfront Rd, Vancouver,V6A 4G9  604 253 4421

The route downloads are below and the 100,60 and 40km follow the same route as in 2018 except the 15km route which is new.

The 100kms starts at 7am

The 60kms starts at 8am

The 40kms starts at 9am

The 15kms starts at 9:30am  



It is limited at the Mission centre. You can park on the south side(nearest the railway tracks)

Overflow parking is available at TYMAC Launch but please do not park in front of a garbage or recycling bin or block the access for their vehicles as this is a working day for them.

Please do not park near the gate entrance to Centerm terminal


Thanks again for your support and remember to obey the rules of the road,be safe and have fun.