The Mission to Seafarers' Cycling Committee is using the SimplyK platform (now called Zeffy) again to manage the annual Cycling for Seafarers event.  SimplyK (Zeffy) is designed specifically for charities and is provided to the Mission to Seafarers free-of-charge, and to cover costs, an VOLUNTARY administration fee is added to each donation.  This fee goes directly to SimplyK (Zeffy) and will not be included in any tax receipt issued on behalf of the Mission.

Need help registering for the event?
Download our SimplyK Registration Procedures

Once you've registered for the event, participants have the ability to set up their individual or team fundraising page.

Need help setting up your fundraising page?
Download our Fundraising Information Page

Please sign in with Lori when you arrive at Mission for your distance providing a contact number and receiving a name plate. Thanks.