It is never nice to be singled out because of something that has taken place which you had nothing to do with.

As I read the news from the shipping world, hear from and talk to colleagues and speak with seafarers on ships it is clear that seafarers esp. Chinese are being adversely affected by the spread of the Coronavirus. They are often far from home worried for family back home.

In some cases ports are not allowing seafarers to go ashore, in others the companies or even the captains are saying they can’t. It has to be said that such action is part of the effort to deal with the situation.

That aside being on a vessel for weeks, months at a time takes it toll, it really does become like a prison and increase the sense of isolation from the world esp. if there is no Wi-Fi onboard.

So please spare a thought or two, say a prayer for the seafarers esp. the Chinese affected by this recent outbreak who out of no fault of their own have been left at sea.


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