The Mission to Seafarers  -‘WISH LIST’

These are ways that you can help us improve the service we provide to seafarers;         


  • A donation towards new (dark colour) sofa for the Roberts Bank Seafarers Centre.      
  • A free standing basketball hoop.    ·   
  • Sponsor the upkeep of the Waterfront Centre minivan with a logo on the van.
  • Subsidize our transportation of seafarers from ship to shore(centre/shopping)  in our minivan namely gas and when we can’t drive towards a taxi back to the ship.
  • Contribute to our recreation fund in which we subsidize seafarers going to local attractions, sports games.
  • We are doing up a space in the Waterfront Centre and are looking for two comfy chairs ( fake leather).
  • Purchase several bicycles so seafarers can cycle to downtown or the local park. They get a lock and helmet with it.