Cycle for Seafarers- NEW Family Ride


In 2019 there will be 4 rides - 40km,60km,100km

and a NEW Family Fun ride of 15km to the Coastguard Station at Kitsilano and back via False Creek.

Take a look at the hovercraft or other vessel if it is on duty!

Children under 11 years need to be accompanied by an adult on the cycle.

There will be a ‘BBQ of appreciation’ to which participants are warmly welcome and the rides will begin and the BBQ will take place at the Mission to Seafarers Waterfront Seafarers Centre.

Please save the date and get out and practise.

There is a poster below that you can print and display to spread the word.

‘The life of a seafarer is a lonely one being onboard for many months, in the same place with the same routine,the same crew day after day and of course the bad weather and the periods of bad or little sleep. Seafarers are isolated from their loved ones, from their communities, from the things parents do with their children, from important events.

We are grateful for the support that comes from the Cycle for Seafarers raised through sponsorship and donations to break down that loneliness and isolation by providing Wi-Fi so seafarers can connect with family, so chaplains can visit the ships and be a supportive and listening presence, by helping seafarers get to where they need to go and in providing centres that are comfortable and safe’.