Peter Smyth

Behind everything we do lies a motive for doing it.

We work to earn an income to pay the bills, provide for our families and have a quality of life.

Seafarers know this only too well which is why they are at sea  and as a result spend months away from their family.

I often comment to seafarers that it is a real 'sacrifice' they make. It is sacrifice because despite the hardships of the weather, working conditions, loneliness they do it for their families. 

Jesus gave us the ultimate example of sacrifice on the cross once and for all and commends sacrifice as 'the way' in which someone is recognized as his disciple.

It is being prepared in a moment or over a longer period of time to give yourself over, put your own needs aside completely for the sake of another, to go the extra mile,  to love your neighbour.

In this Advent season as we prepare ourselves to celebrate again the birth of Jesus -' God among us' at Christmas  we pray 'Lord Jesus come soon'.

May those words be your prayer so that what lies  and is nurtured within you is to follow the example of Jesus and sacrifice for the sake of another as the seafarers do for their families everyday. 




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