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"What are you all about?" is a great question to receive because it opens the door for an explanation and that was the case with many of those who came to the Mission to Seafarers exhibit at Mission Fest, an annual event held in Vancouver,BC focusing on the many opportunities to serve , to be the good news as shown in Jesus Christ and to direct people to him as the good news.

Responding to the question at Mission Fest, "what are you all about?" also helped me reflect on what exactly I/we at MtS Vancouver are doing and even perhaps ought to be doing.

It gives encouragement to be  able to teach and to tell the story of the seafarer, to try to convey to the person asking the question the experience of supporting and caring for a stranger, a seafarer, a reality with which so many people are unfamiliar, blind to and to hope that through the grace of God that person will be caught up in the story and want to be a part of the work of MtS in responding to it.

"What are you all about?" is a good question for you to ask more of others and to daily ask of yourself for it is how you can grow in wisdom and understanding. It is how you can become more the good news of Jesus Christ that each of us is called to be and  in word and deed  share it with others. 



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