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As I visit ships and encounter seafarers from around the world the need to have a few words in a language becomes apparent.  Such words include  'Thank you'.

Saying thank you is important in many circumstances one being to the volunteers at the Mission who in their own time, using their God given gifts enrich and in many cases make the work of the Mission in caring for seafarers possible.

Saying thank you is a way to let people know you appreciate what they do and  to encourage them in what they are doing.  The first disciples of Jesus faced many challenges in their ministry but Jesus was there to comfort and encourage them and the Holy Spirit continues to do so.

The Chaplains have one thing to say and that is 'THANK YOU' to our wonderful volunteers.Thank you for being at the Mission, for your commitment, your energy and enthusiasm,for doing what we can't, for joining with us to care for the seafarers.

The photograph shows some volunteers at the Mission who enjoyed a light lunch together.






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