As a child my parents taught me the importance of saying “thank you” a way to acknowledge the kindness, the service given by another. I recall after a birthday I would sit down and write letters of thanks for the gifts I had received.

Now while the way we say thank you may have changed, in that we send an email, e-card or make a call the importance of doing so hasn’t.

St Paul in his letters to the different Christian communities spoke about giving thanks for them as a way to encourage them in the face of the challenges of being a worshipping and witnessing community.

The International Day of the Seafarer June 25 is an opportunity, a reminder of the importance of saying thank you to seafarers, the 1% who bring us the 90% of the things we live by esp. given the challenges they face, such as being away from their families for long periods.

How are you going to say ‘thank you’ and so encourage seafarers? Go to to learn more.

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