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I remember on a number of occasions as a child seeing a one man band which was a man wearing and playing a number of instruments. It was certainly colourful and there was music but it both felt and sounded like there was something missing. To me the missing was other people each with their instruments learning to play together and making a beautiful sound.  

The work of the Mission to Seafarers in caring for seafarers isn’t the domain of one person be it the chaplain, the board chair, a volunteer, sponsor or a church, it is only truly a mission when a number of people come together with their own gifts and contributions.  

I was reminded of this recently when I had the pleasure of showing a group around the Seafarers Centre at Roberts Bank (Delta Port) and their enthusiasm for what is being done and how they can help was evident.  

I also had the opportunity to attend a function run by the International Chartered Surveyors at which I was presented with a cheque to support the work. I spoke at the time of the value of such partnerships including raising a broader awareness of the life of a Seafarer.  

There are many ways that people can get involved in the care of and enrichment of the lives of the seafarers and that diversity, those partnerships help us together to make a beautiful sound.    

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