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Oh what a ‘vulnerable’ world…oh yehhhh 

A baby in a manger out the back of an inn, hunted by King Herod, the child of a teenage girl Mary can certainly be described as vulnerable, something that never left Jesus in his life right up to the cross. 

Being vulnerable is a reality for all of us at certain times but for some more than others and the pictures on our screens and the accounts on our radios in 2021 are a witness to this. 

Seafarers are no exception be it from the harsh weather, the isolation, long periods away from home, bullying, not being able to voice their concerns for fear of retribution and more. 

It is often when you are vulnerable  feeling  put upon, when the cracks appear  that in the loving actions of others the light shines through and brings relief, courage  and the hope of better times. 

When you feel vulnerable may you receive the gift of the love of another, and the hope that came in the child Jesus , God with us, God made flesh, who was prepared out of  love to be vulnerable even unto a cross for you and for me.  

A blessed and safe Christmas to all.