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On Tuesday 5th November  67 grade 5 children along with teachers and some parents descended on the Waterfront Seafarers Centre to learn about the work of the Mission and esp who we serve, the seafarers.

Chaplain Gary and I divided the group with half upstairs and the other half downstairs.

The children heard about the role of a Chaplain which in Latin means ‘cloak’ and the biblical motive ‘to do for the least of these’ words of Jesus in Matthew chapter 25. That when someone is thirsty, hungry, sick, naked and even in prison a Chaplain comes alongside them in compassion and that includes seafarers.

We watched a video showing a Mission Chaplain going on a ship and meeting with seafarers.

The children completed a worksheet on the qualities needed of a chaplain including knowing God, being a Christian... and of vital importance in case things don’t go well onboard while visiting, be able to swim!

Chaplain Gary spoke with the children about who are the seafarers including the environment they work in the ship and the challenges they face.

The children left with a sticker and a world map which the seafarers often take with them.

A happy group photo on the front steps spoke to the blessing it was for all of us to get together.

The children showed their support for the seafarers by bringing gifts for the 2019 Christmas at Sea Appeal.

Thanks to Erica for bringing the children.

Do come again.

If other groups of children would like to visit the Seafarers Centre contact us.