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The Lord is my Pilot…

It was Jesus who suffered the humiliation of the cross but in that vulnerability he still had his hand on the tiller piloting the ship, the people who were there, through turbulent times.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus were prominent Jewish leaders who were greatly influenced by Jesus in earlier encounters so much so that they asked Pilate for Jesus body, wrapped it in linen and placed it in a new tomb as per Jewish custom.

The women who had anointed Jesus body with spices and perfume who were afraid at the empty tomb were greeted by the risen Jesus who told them not to be afraid but go and tell the other disciples.

It was to Mary Magdalene that the risen Lord appeared and comforted her through her tears. It was Mary Magdalene who went with good news and told the other disciples “I have seen the Lord”.

 It was Jesus who worked with the disciples, who were grieved and confused refusing to believe the women, opening their minds to understand scripture using accompanying signs who in trust and love imparted his Mission to them to go into all the world and preach good news to all.

It was to two of the disciples who Jesus joined on the road when they grieved and explained to them what was said about him in scripture and ate with them and they went away with their hearts burning within them.

To be human is to be afraid, to question, to mourn, be alienated, to be God is to have selflessly experienced all that in Jesus and yet in an enduring love to be there to pilot each of us through these times if we are open.

Whether you stand on watch on a rough night at sea, are missing your family after months onboard uncertain of a missile will hit your ship, grieve the loss of a loved one, are afraid of making a decision, the Lord is there to be your Pilot so you shall not drift, to light the way across dark waters, he is with you, his love and care will shelter you, to prepare one day a place for you so you shall rest safely in the harbour of God forever.

A blessed Easter to all