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     ‘The first disciples of Jesus lived with the ‘burden of uncertainty’ following his death that is they felt afraid, helpless, a lack of control.
     The post resurrection appearances of Jesus to the disciples by the lake or on the road breathed new life into them, sustained, encouraged and emboldened them.
     We all experience the ‘burden of uncertainty’ at times and it includes seafarers such as those from Myanmar  I spoke with in Delta port who don’t know if they will have future work to provide even food  for their families or the case of Mohammed Aisha a Chief Officer who was forced to spend 4 years on an abandoned vessel in the Suez Canal waiting for it to be sold and had to swim ashore to get food and water and charge his phone.
     The burden of uncertainty can never to be overshadowed by the love of our resurrected Lord who is there to help us overcome and find a way through, a way that is often made possible and shared with the help of others.