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Anyone who starts a new career it is a big step and that is the case for cadets on ships who head off to sea for approx 9 months for some it is the first time they have seen the sea, certainly  been away from family for so long. They are almost always young so 19-25yrs and a ship might have an engine and deck cadet , just one or none depending on a companies training program.

What we read about in the OT concerning widows and orphans and clearly in the  words and actions of Jesus are that the stranger, the most vulnerable, the least of these are to receive special attention and so the Mission to Seafarers in Vancouver is supporting  the cadets as they navigate those first months on the job.

Thank you goes to DP World, individual donations and parishes from the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster for enabling us to hand out gift bags to cadets.

In the gift bags are chocolate, popcorn,some toiletries, toque when available, prayer card, daily devotion booklets for seafarers ,contact cards for MtS Vancouver, a thank you card for the work they do and in doing so the sacrifices they make. The string drawn bag with the Mission logo on it they also keep.

We have received positive feedback from cadets to date such as "this means a lot".

Picture- Chaplain Peter with deck cadet and engine cadet receiving the gift bags onboard.