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Christmas at Sea is an annual way for the Mission to Seafarers in partnership with the Ministry to Seafarers and the Apostleship of the Sea  to bring some joy and support to seafarers at Christmas time esp. when they are far away from their families.

In December 2017 it was wonderful to have the support of volunteers from St Michaels, Anglican, Multi-cultural congregation in Vancouver, the Rev'd Joseph and Korean congregation in Surrey, students from Regent College (UBC), DP World, Waterfront Shipping who packaged up gifts made up of items that many people had donated and some that were bought with donation money. We had just over 1000 gifts in total and it was alot of fun.

The Chaplains at Christmas then took the gifts to the seafarers at anchor in English Bay, Vancouver on a beautfiul day. It felt like a real blessing for all of us including in the faces of the seafarers and in the emails of thanks from ship captains.

We continue to give out gifts as they last, a token of Christian love to seafarers to whom we owe our gratitude and service.

Check out the following link with video of the delivery of the Christmas gifts to seafarers known as Christmas at Sea 2017 at

Thanks goes to Randy Murray for putting it together.

Items we will be looking for in 2018 for our Christmas at Sea Appeal include;

Toques - made or  bought.

Warm work socks

Candy Canes

Popcorn in the packets



Soap - wrapped

Shaving razors


Shower gel and shampoo - travel size

No perishable items

Please call if you have questions 604 253 4421

We will package the gifts in the middle of December 2018 and so appreciate donations before that. Thank you