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People have been asking me if the donation of gifts to seafarers will be going ahead this Christmas because of Covid 19 and I answer that it is more important than ever this year given what  seafarers are enduring.

Seafarers are being asked to do what you and I would refuse to do, they are being asked to sacrifice more than you and I could ever do. It is not uncommon to find seafarers onboard 12 months or more without any shore leave not knowing when they will get home, feeling a loss of control, helplessness.

Seafarers who have lost a mother, sister, others to Covid 19 or who have to wait a year to see their new born baby.

More than ever we are looking for your donations be it monetary and you can donate through this website under 'Donate' and designate it for the 'Christmas at Sea Appeal' or  by a cheque in the mail.

You can donate material items such as toques and socks homemade or bought, toothpaste,toothbrush, soap, chocolate, puzzle books, a Canadian souvenir.

They can be delivered to the Mission's Waterfront Centre or picked up just please contact us first.

Your donation means more than you will ever know but know this it makes the life of the seafarer who will receive it a little easier and as Christians that is the least Christ asks of us.

Thank you in anticipation

God bless and keep you

Senior Port Chaplain