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The act of remembering is a part of who we are as human beings. We are shaped by our own experiences and those around us. I have fond memories of holidays with family, not fancy hotels or elaborate meals but walking along the beach or collecting shells.

I also recall sadder times growing up in Northern Ireland, the violence which infested and destroyed the lives of so many and yet the signs of hope in the face of adversity were there in the gestures of support, the outspoken voices in the cause of dialogue and peace which was to ultimately win the day.

Remembrance Day November 11th is a day to recall painful times on land, in the air and of course on the sea, but not without hope because of the sacrifices of some and the efforts of others to bringing about a fairer, more peaceful world, a task which remains one we should all with renewed vigour attend to.

Wherever you are this Remembrance Day curtailed as it is by the challenges presented to us by Covid 19, take a moment to remember the joyful and the painful and commit to doing your part in the year ahead to make into a reality what could be.

The following link is an article from 2018 about remembering those who in times of war and peace who at sea have sacrificed much in some cases their very lives 'Lest we Forget'.