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A key part of the work of seafarer welfare societies like the Mission to Seafarers is to raise awareness of the world that takes place on the oceans and water ways and the people that make it happen especially the seafarers.

At Delta Container Port they had an open day to celebrate their 25th anniversary and the Mission and partners took part on what was a beautiful day. In the pictures are Georgia an intern with the Christian Reformed Church and Vincent a former intern who is now working as a part time Chaplain with MtS.

Thanks to Chaplain Gary Roosma for his leadership on the day and to Delta Port for inviting us to be there. 

The Mission to Seafarers Centre is in Delta Port serving the needs of seafarers from the container and coal terminals with a place to relax, use the free Wi-Fi to keep connected with current affairs and esp. family, buy some chips/chocolate, souvenirs, toiletries, watch TV and  play pool.