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10 Reasons to Thank Seafarers.

Sea blindness’ is a term used to describe how invisible the importance and impact of global shipping is to our everyday lives and I put it that at its heart are the brave seafarers who perform one of the toughest jobs in the world by running ships through the roughest seas and riskiest areas with demanding schedules and long contracts. During the Covid Pandemic they kept going while most of us isolated.

Seafarers are one of those neglected professionals, who deserve our appreciation and it is one reason why the IMO ( International Maritime Organization) set aside June 25th every year as International Day of the Seafarer.

Every week leading up to then I will be posting a reason why we ought to thank seafarers with appreciation to MarineInsight.

#1 Seafarers run the Global Economy

90% of the world’s food, fuel, raw material and manufactured goods are delivered by sea which requires skilled seafarers to operate, maintain and repair. What would happen to the world if the ships and seafarers didn’t work? It is because of these skilled and brave seafarers that businesses around the world continue to thrive and people are able to buy the things they need. While seafarers work is not visible to most people their work is indispensable. It is high time they get the respect and recognition that they deserve.


One, if not the biggest challenge for seafarers is staying away from their loved ones while they carry out their duties at sea for up to 9 months . They miss important occasions like birthdays, weddings and funerals. While  people on land celebrate and socialize at every possible opportunity, seafarers continue to toil away at sea to ensure that those celebrations do not stop, even at the cost of their own happiness. It is a sacrifice they have to make to give family a better quality of life.

#3 They work in the toughest weather

Taking cargo from one port to other often involves facing ugly storms and monstrous waves. The sea isn’t as friendly as it seems when watched from shore. In spite of all the latest technological advancement, a seafarer at sea is at the mercy of nature. Those working on land can never fathom the hardships one has to face in such an environment. It is hard to eat, to sleep , you feel sick and dizzy sometimes for days.
Seafarers work through the  unfriendliest conditions in many cases because they need to support their families. They ensure that businesses and the lives of people  on shore around the world do not stop.
We thank you seafarers for your selfless courage.


#4 Seafarers Risk Their Lives Through Piracy and War Zones

According to a report, more than 100,000 seafarers at any one time either travel or are planning to go through dangerous areas. Ships in recent months have been highjacked and seafarers taken as hostages. They are tortured, abused, and kept in miserable conditions as prisoners.The wars in Ukraine and the Middle East are impacting seafarers in the Black Sea and the Suez Canal. Seafarers don’t work to be shot at! 
However inspite of all the risks and fear, seafarers continue to do their duties through these dangerous areas. The least we owe these seafarers is our gratitude and to keep asking stakeholders to do more to ensure their safety and provide a resolution to the threat.


#5. Seafarers Face Extreme Health Hazards

Working on ships is not easy. Apart from physical hazards such as diseases and injuries caused due to accidents, seafarers also fall prey to psychological problems such as homesickness, loneliness, stress and fatigue. If something happens onboard there are in most cases no possibilities to turn to an expert and get extra medical help. Seafarers have to manage everything themselves when at sea. But no matter how many risks they have to face working on board ships, they continue with their jobs and face the health hazards  bravely by acquiring knowledge and training and supporting one another. Seafarers perform some of the most dangerous jobs. Do they need any greater reason to be thanked?